Design Tip #4

Color, Color, Color! Finally, color is making a come back. We are seeing a broader use of color in furniture, painted walls and small appliances. On a recent “color study trip” to several retail venues there was a notable shift from neurtals to mroe color. Furniture pieces are being shown with grey combines with orange, yellow, or even pink for example. Ashley showed sofas in some bold colors, sunflower yellow, aqua, bright rust, with accent pillows and chairs. Cuisinart has small appliances in bright green, purple, and red colors which showed up predominately in several accessory type items also. Better Homes and Gardens features paint colors monthly along with ideas on how to use them. Those colors have also gotten bolder, last month featured shades of purple, the previous month’s were bold greens.


The moral of this story is to incorporate some color in your home. If you are replacing furniture think about something bolder than beige. Add accent walls in strong colors to those rooms that have neutral furniture and pick up the color in throw pillows and accessories. Put splashes of color behind glass cabinet doors using plasitc dinner ware in bright colors, or use some of your own bright pieces.  Color will add a wow factor to your home, use it!